About Me

Glad to make your acquaintance! My name is Dennis Mukoya. I am a Blogger who is passionate about SEO. As a conscientious individual, I feel deeply about the importance of social awareness to their rights of all people. I dabble in Web Content writing, Product copy writing, reviews, Online marketing, promotional articles, sports, entertainment, creative writing and generally dream of a day when this blog will be an avenue for promoting Equality, Love, Truth and Justice all the while providing rib-cracking entertainment. Many say that Kenyans do not read. I would be honoured to be on the forefront of ensuring this trend is bucked so that we are not at the trailing edge of the Information world.

I am adept at the functioning of the corporate world. As such, if you feel the literary flair & enthusiasm on display matches the panache sufficient to take your products to the next level get in contact. Will be glad to be of service to you in an advertising sense.

As CSR, I fund-raise & channel the proceeds from my engagements to support needy children, destitute by no means of their making. I have a dream, that one day my yet to be born children will transact in the currency of knowledge not of who but what they know.

Mobile: +254-727332897

Email: dennismukoya@yahoo.com